Advanced Meditation Techniques


After one year of meditating consistently, you become qualified to receive your personalized Advanced Technique from any specially trained Vedic Meditation teacher around the world—including Meg Reynolds.

An Advanced Technique is an extension of your mantra. It involves learning advanced breathing methods and adding new elements to your practice to enhance your self-awareness and inner peace.

Advanced Techniques provide you with access to a much richer level of meditation—experience a deeper stillness while your mind is still actively engaged. It's an experience that captivates the senses, akin to savoring the most exquisite nectar, and it sharpens our ability to perceive the nuances of life.

This heightened sensitivity doesn't just stay on the meditation cushion; it enriches our daily experiences. With this newfound awareness, we become attuned to the subtle shifts in our surroundings, allowing us to navigate life's twists and turns with grace. It's like having an internal compass, guiding us toward opportunities and helping us steer clear of potential pitfalls. As we continue to meditate, year after year, we draw closer to self-realization.

This is a two-day course, 90 minutes per day.

You can receive a new Advanced Technique after each year of consistent Vedic meditation practice.

After about a year of regular meditation, studying advanced Vedic Meditation techniques is a great way to learn to blend your deep meditation experiences into your everyday life.

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