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Anywhere. Anytime. Forever.

Vedic Meditation is the easiest and most effective way to meditate. All it takes is 20 minutes and finding a comfortable seated position.

  • Are you experiencing burnout?
  • Do you want to tap into your inner source of creativity?
  • Do you want to access more of your brain power?
  • Are you craving a deeper sense of self-sufficiency?

Are you ready to ignite your happiness?

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What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic meditation draws from the ancient body of knowledge known as the Veda. As a practitioner of VM, you will tap into the transcendent wellspring of consciousness that dwells within each and every one of us. Rooted in millennia of tradition, this approach facilitates a seamless journey beyond the realm of thought, leading to a state of profound serenity and heightened awareness.

Benefits of Vedic Meditation:

  • Burn off stress rapidly so it doesn’t build up in your nervous system.
  • Stabilize your personality so you can present your truest self to the world.
  • Experience a more fulfilling connection with the people in your life.
  • Meet all of the demands in your life without feeling drained.
  • Bounce back from difficulties quickly and with grace.
  • Enjoy downtime—recharge, guilt-free.
  • Unlock creativity that has been concealed by stress overload.
  • Live less rigidly in your mind and body.

How is Vedic Meditation different from other meditation styles?

It's Effortless

There is no effort required to practice Vedic Meditation or concentration necessary. The practice is simple, easy, and effortless.

Try it Anywhere, Anytime

There are no uncomfortable seated positions required. Sit with your back supported in bed, on a couch, in your car, in a chair, or anywhere that is comfortable.

You'll Be Guided

Vedic Meditation provides a unique transmission of ancient wisdom, tailored to individual needs, fostering a deep connection between teacher and student, enriched with wisdom and energetic resonance.

You’ll be a self-sufficient meditator

You’ll learn to meditate on day one and by the end of the four-day course, you will be a fully self-sufficient meditator with access to a lifetime of guidance to support you and your practice.

Benefits of Vedic Meditation:

If you're seeking to overcome feelings of loneliness, lack of joy, or searching for purpose, and wish to eliminate stress, Vedic Meditation could be your answer.

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Learn to Meditate

The Course

Intro Talk

Embark on your journey with a complimentary 60-minute introductory session, available both in-person and online, to determine if Vedic Meditation suits you. This is an amazing opportunity for you to understand the positive shifts that you'll begin experiencing in your life. After your introductory session, the course continues with four immersive 90-minute in-person sessions.

Day 1

Start meditating!

Day 2

The Mechanics of effortless meditation: Learn how to integrate daily meditation practice into your life!

Day 3

Meditation and stress release: Physiology of stress and stress accumulation. How a daily practice of Vedic Meditation elminiates stress release.

Day 4

Stages of Enlightenment: States of consciousness. Upcoming milestones inside meditation and in daily life.

After Initiation

Join free Vedic group meditation sessions with fellow students and Meg (or other VM teachers). You will also be able to join our Vedic Meditation community, have access to exclusive advanced knowledge courses, advanced meditation techniques and be able to participate in vedic meditation rounding retreats.

Personalized Vedic mantra just for you
6 hours of personalized teaching over 4 days
Lifetime of support and access to group meditations

If you would like private in-person instruction, contact Meg for a consultation and quote.



*Disclaimer: Meg teaches Vedic Meditation and was trained to teach this form of meditation by Thom Knoles. Thom was trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation (“TM”) by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (“Maharishi”), and taught it for over 25 years with organizations affiliated with Maharishi. Since 1997, Thom has continued to teach meditation as he learned it from Maharishi, and has done so independently and separately from the TM organizations. Meg is an independent meditation teacher. She is not affiliated in any way with the Maharishi Foundation USA, or with any trademark, program or organization that is affiliated with, or a licensee of, the Maharishi Foundation USA.

The form of meditation that Thom Knoles taught for over 25 years with the TM organizations has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies showing a wide range of benefits from regular practice. These studies, which refer to this form of meditation using the name “Transcendental Meditation” or “TM”, support the benefits obtainable from regular practice of Vedic Meditation, which are referenced below:

Increased resistance to stress; Increased levels of energy; Relief from depression and anxiety; Relief from insomnia; Improved relationships with other people; Improved, memory, concentration, and learning ability; Reduced risk of heart disease and tumors; Relief from migraines, headaches, and asthma; Normalisation of blood pressure; Reduced cholesterol levels; Normalisation of weight; Reversal of aging; Increased self-esteem; Faster reaction times; Improved sports performance; Reduced use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

Vedic Meditation is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition.