Mastering the Siddhis


Mastering the Siddhis is a sacred sojourn into the realms of elevated consciousness and profound capabilities. This course is meticulously crafted to rouse the dormant potential inherent in each individual, granting them access to the siddhis—extraordinary abilities residing in the depths of the human psyche.

You’ll delve into the ancient reservoirs of wisdom found in the Vedas and other valuable texts to master the art of harnessing the subtle energies of nature for personal growth and the betterment of humanity at large.

In its true essence, "Mastering the Siddhis" embodies a sacred mission, a clarion call to elevate human consciousness to its zenith.

The full course is broken down into six modules, each taught over the course of a weekend.

Take each of the six courses in sequential order and at your own pace.

Enjoy delicious, organic Ayurvedic meals prepared fresh for you each day.

Learn an advanced technique at each session that you can immediately incorporate into your daily meditation practice.

Feel the elevation of a small group of fellow meditators absorbing and developing the knowledge together.

After about a year of regular meditation, studying advanced Vedic Meditation techniques is a great way to learn to blend your deep meditation experiences into your everyday life.

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