Exploring The Vedas


Embark on the journey of Exploring the Vedas, an immersive experience to discover the age-old wisdom of the Vedas. In its essence, Exploring the Vedas signifies a sacred pilgrimage towards self-discovery and enlightenment, forging a profound alignment with the boundless intelligence that organizes the whole universe.

The full course is broken down into six modules, each taught over the course of a weekend.

Take each of the six courses in sequential order and at your own pace.

Enjoy delicious, organic Ayurvedic meals prepared fresh for you each day.

Feel the elevation of a small group of fellow meditators absorbing and developing the knowledge together.

Luxuriate in the knowledge of how to live more effortlessly within the laws of nature.

After about a year of regular meditation, studying advanced Vedic Meditation techniques is a great way to learn to blend your deep meditation experiences into your everyday life.

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