Two Things You Should Know About Vedic Meditation


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By Meg Reynolds,
Published On 05/07/2024

Ever feel like you can’t get no satisfaction? Spending time with family, pursuing a rewarding career, nurturing friendships, and trying to get or stay fit are valuable ways to spend our time, but are we enjoying them to the fullest? Not usually.

Stress often permeates all of these experiences. Misinterpreted as external pressure, stress is an internal response to external stimuli. Experiencing stress is a wake-up call to increase our adaptation ability or let go of unsustainable habits and behaviors.

Amidst the whirlwind of modern life, Vedic Meditation (VM) stands as an oasis of calm, offering a space to recalibrate. Two things you should know about VM:

  1. It is ridiculously simple to practice once you’ve been taught the technique.
  2. Its impact on reducing stress stored in the memory of your cells is profound.

Meg Reynolds Vedic Meditation 4-day courses are being offered now. You will meet for 60-90 minutes each day for four consecutive days. You will begin meditating on day one and you will have your own experience of the power of VM.

Sign up here for a free intro talk, given every Sunday at 7 pm EST on Zoom.

Sundays don’t work for you? No problem. Contact Meg, and we will figure out a time that works for you.

Did you know that kids under the age of 17 learn to meditate for free with at least one parent learning to meditate? Check out how you and your kids can become the best versions of yourselves together by reducing the stress levels in your bodies and the home.

Countless scientific research studies have shown the benefits of meditation in reducing anxiety, depression, and insomnia while boosting self-awareness, allowing for self-regulation and improved relationships. Still, people often find meditation hard to do.

VM is a simple mental technique that ANYONE CAN DO! All you need is to be shown how. Meg Reynolds has been meditating for 30 years and has directed over 200 people to meditate in this uncomplicated way. Now it’s your turn to get some deep reset, profound relief, and reconnect to the ones you love through VM Anywhere. Anytime. Forever!

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