Meg Reynolds Vedic Meditation’s Travel & Teach Program!

Meg teaching Vedic Meditation to a group of people

Coming Soon to a Town Near You – MEG REYNOLDS VEDIC MEDITATION’S Travel & Teach Program! I was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Alexandria, VA. While I have always loved the East Coast and the Greater WDC area, I was a restless 18-year-old (to say the least) growing up in the low-tech,…

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Two Things You Should Know About Vedic Meditation

Woman sitting on a rock up a mountain looking at the serene view

Ever feel like you can’t get no satisfaction? Spending time with family, pursuing a rewarding career, nurturing friendships, and trying to get or stay fit are valuable ways to spend our time, but are we enjoying them to the fullest? Not usually. Stress often permeates all of these experiences. Misinterpreted as external pressure, stress is…

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