Meg Reynolds Announces Her “Travel & Teach” Vedic Meditation Courses


Meg teaching meditation to a group of people

By Meg Reynolds,
Published On 06/26/2024

In an exclusive interview with Doppiar Icerca Media, international Vedic Meditation coach Meg Reynolds announced her itinerary for her ‘travel & teach’ Vedic meditation courses in July this year.

Meg Reynolds has been practicing Vedic Meditation daily for over 30 years and has had over 2000 hours of training with Masters of Vedic Meditation in India. She has completed dozens of prerequisite courses on Vedic Meditation and has taken training in advanced techniques.

Meg will be traveling to Richmond, VA, to teach her four-day course in Vedic Meditation from July 1-5, 2024. She will also teach in Alexandria, VA, from July 17-20, 2004.

Space is limited, so sign up quickly. The next cities Meg plans to “Travel & Teach” in are Miami, FL, Nashville, TN, and Charlotte, NC. To sign up for any of these courses or to request travel to your city, contact Meg here.

Meg’s first stop will be Richmond, VA’s beautiful, historic Fan District. Meg will teach from a gorgeous Victorian residence with space available for six students. She plans to make Richmond a regular stop on her “Travel & Teach” program, so if the class fills up just shoot her a message that you didn’t get in this time but would like to sign up for the next course. Meg’s students report that she is very responsive to communication and extremely supportive of their individual practice. Home in the Fan District where Meg will teach July 1-5, 2024:

Beautiful large home with trees outside

Meg’s second stop on her “Travel & Teach” tour this summer will be in her hometown of Alexandria, VA. She expressed her excitement that she would be able to teach old friends to transcend all thoughts and experience the deep rest of Vedic Meditation. Some of these friends include people she attended elementary school with some 40 years ago! Home in Old Town, Alexandria, where Meg will teach July 17-20, 2024:

Lovely building painted purple

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